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Below are the titles and descriptions for our 2018 Black Heritage Collection. You can listen to a demo of each program by clicking on the text below the title.

As always, well known radio personalites will narrate the vignettes. The 2018 Black Heritage Collection with be an entertaining, stimulating and informative series of programs that will keep audiences glued to the radio. For more information about these and other S I Communications radio programs. Click here to reserve these programs for your station, or contact S I Communications via e-mail or by phone at: 770-405-8264.

SI Communications will not be offering bartered programs for February 2018. Please contact us at (770) 405-8264 if you would like to discuss other arrangements.

King: Countdown to the Holiday
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In King: Countdown to the Holiday, we paint an intimate portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a combination of actualities, music and host comments. Hosted by Avery Brooks, each of the fifteen :60 vignettes will reveal a facet of Dr. Kingís character and beliefs as we listen to excerpts from his speeches and comments from those who knew and loved him best. This award-winning series is a perfect prelude to the celebration of one of our nationís finest leaders.

Host: Avery Brooks
Format: 15 Vignettes-60 Seconds.
Commercial Avails - 30 :60ís or :30ís

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King: A Musical Tribute
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Narrated by the late Brock Peters, this program features excerpts from Dr. Kingís speeches, as well as interviews with friends and family members. The 3-hour special includes topics like affirmative action, an analysis of the civil rights movement, the new King Monument, MLK's legacy, and much more.

Host: Brock Peters
Format: 3 hours.
Commercial Avails - 30 :60ís or :30ís

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