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King: Countdown to the Holiday

In King: Countdown to the Holiday, we paint an intimate portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through a combination of actualities, music and host comments. Hosted by Avery Brooks, each of the fifteen :60 vignettes will reveal a facet of Dr. Kingís character and beliefs as we listen to excerpts from his speeches and comments from those who knew and loved him best. This award-winning series is a perfect prelude to the celebration of one of our nationís finest leaders.

Host: Avery Brooks
Format: 15 Vignettes-60 Seconds.
Commercial Avails - 30 :60ís or :30ís

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King: A Musical Tribute

Narrated by the late Brock Peters, this program features excerpts from Dr. Kingís speeches, as well as interviews with friends and family members. The 3-hour special includes topics like affirmative action, an analysis of the civil rights movement, the new King Monument, MLK's legacy, and much more.

Host: Brock Peters
Format: 3 hours.
Commercial Avails - 30 :60ís or :30ís

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